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  • Authentic American Pizza

    Presenting the world-class pizzas from the street of New York. Authentic American delicacies prepared by our expert chefs.

  • Taste From the Streets of New York

    Try out the original taste of New York's Favourite Street Food

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Why to Order From New York Slice?

Lets check what sets us apart from other pizzerias.

  • We love our food and we love our customers even more.
  • Our flour is specially designed from the worlds best flour mill in the US.
  • Every morning our dough is freshly kneaded and not kept as prepacked dough in the fridge
  • The pizza pies are freshly hand rolled and not mechanically yielding the freshness and naturalness to the whole process

Authentic American pizza and delicacies prepared by our expert chefs

Delicious and mouth-watering recipes specially prepared from the world-class ingredients


Our Happy Customers


I experienced a warm and friendly atmosphere that I had enjoyed. It is always a pleasure to visit. My personal favourites are Jackson height, garlic knots & oreo surprise a complete meal.

Seema Sondhi

New York slice I try their veg pizza, the pizza was very delicious and presentation was awesome. Staff was professional and service was super quick. Will surely try again.

Mack Foodie

Authentic and Delicious Pizzas🍕 Pepperoni pizza for non vegetarians & Jackson Heights in veg are highly recommended. Nice location & Good ambience! Delivery time and packaging too are of decent level. #Pizza#Love#❤️

Shreyas Chopra

Ordered this scrumptious chocolate chuck cookie,a must order for all the cookie lovers.

Archit Saraf

New York slice good earth is an amazing restaurant where you find delicious pizza on reasonable price. We go there and order their veg pizza which was fresh and delicious. Staff was welcoming who served you super quick.


Go their for eating pizza. I had order big apple veg large pizza with diet coke. The pizza well presented and very tasty. Ambiance is good and atmosphere is also very good. Staff was well presented. Must try.

Naina Deshwal

Good earth is a completely a big brand's market. very beautiful place so we went to new York slice ground floor we entered the small restaurant but there was very touching Margherita pizza which was seriously awesome and lip licking taste

Baba Ram Dev

New York slice have many options for delicious veg and non veg pizza. I try there veg pizza and the pizza was great and delicious. Prices are reasonable, this place is value for money. I would recommend this place for pizza.

Ritika Sethi